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Our Profile

PING PING SHOE SUPPLY, or Ping Ping, as what we are fondly called in the shoemaking community, specializes in the retail and wholesale of shoe and bag materials. We are the only shoe and bag supply in the country with the most complete and updated selection of products from synthetic leather fabrics, rubber sheets, soles, heels, straps, adhesives, tools, leather dyes, zippers and other accessories.

Our Story

In 1986, we opened our first branch in Grace Park, Caloocan City and began as a family business selling rubber mats, soles and adhesives to slipper-makers and shoe repairmen.  Over the years, we continuously expanded our product line and evolved into the ultimate, all-in-one supplier for shoemakers and manufacturers nationwide. To better serve our growing clientele, we eventually opened our Binan branch in 2000 and our Marikina branch in 2005. Today, all our milestones in the last 30 years have contributed to making Ping Ping a household name in the Philippine footwear industry.

Making shoes

Our Commitment

We are more than just our clients’ supplier.
We are their design partners,
as we work closely with them to understand their
vision and help them find the right materials within their budget.
We continually keep our products up-to-date,
so our clients can have access to materials
that not only adapt to the latest styles,
but also enable them to compete in fashion’s
demanding and every-changing landscape.

Our Advocacy

With the influx of international brands and mass-produced imports,
Filipino-made bags and footwear remain underrated in
both local and international markets.
Here at Ping Ping, we want to empower local craftsmen
and manufacturers with the right tools
and the best materials so that Filipino-made
products can finally be recognized around the world.